Your Birth Control Pill Could Ruin Your Sex Life

Lately, I’ve been reading different health articles, trying to gain a better understanding of how the female anatomy functions and I came across this article about Birth Control and its connection to a females sex drive.  Birth control is a contraception that is very popular in the female community especially amongst those in monogamous relationships.  Birth control is used to prevent pregnancies when having unprotected sex, so why is there is a connection between low sex drive and birth control?

Well, according to this article, Birth Control Pills and Fatigue, by Dr. Tuchinsky birth control pills decreases the testosterone in the female body causing the body to be fatigue which leads to a low sex drive. Hmm, interesting concept.  As I read this article, I became even more curious and did further research. After further investigation, I found more answers.  According to, the birth control pills produces androgens into our bodies and this has a direct effect on the pleasure you experience during sexual intercourse.  The birth control pill appears to decrease libido, decrease sexual enjoyment, and decrease lubrication during sexual intercourse.

Wow!! So who would have known that the pill you take to prevent pregnancies is the pill that actually decreases your desires to even have sex. It’s funny how the body functions. In order to understand your body, ladies, we must educate ourselves. Our bodies are our temples and we must respect and recognize all aspects of it.



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