You Had Me At Hello

Bouncy, sparkling, bubbly, intense sexual quivers and many other words can describe the feelings I felt when we met at "Hello".  As the days continued that beautiful butterfly fluttery feeling I had in my stomach continued with the mere thought or mention of your name. We did EVERYTHING together; movies, went out, cooked, traveled, laughed, even cried (from all the laughter of course), we finished each other’s sentences, we even were to the point where we exchanged cell phone passwords (now that’s MAJOR) , he was my King and I was sure enough his Queen, nothing could go wrong, we were a PERFECT MATCH! …….and that is how the story normally starts, right…. Well time has passed and… let’s just leave it at that.

Many times relationships begin to crumble when outside energy gets involved and outside influences and opinions start to whether away at your brain and the “what ifs” begin to form.  A friend always wants to add their input on what you “should” or “should not” do. Family, they are just as bad, no one is ever good for their “baby”.  Well, from firsthand experience, I have learned that sometimes YOU have to Mind Your Own Business.  Meaning, there are some outside sources that you just have to ignore, let it go in one ear and out the other.  It’s amazing how so many people who are NOT in relationships become experts, and can tell you how to act or what to expect in that particular relationship.  Don’t get me wrong, maybe they have been through a similar situation and can relate on many levels, however, the ultimate decision is yours and only YOU can make YOU happy.

So, the next time you meet him or her at HELLO, remember before you say GOODBYE make sure that the decision is yours and only yours, for those on the outside, no matter how long they have known you, or what situation they may have been in, they cannot live for you, only you can live for yourself. Plus, I’m not too keen on telling people about certain aspects of my business anyway, majority of the people listening don’t care anyways…and hey, you never know, maybe that Goodbye can be changed to a See You Later….because after all he was my Mister and I was his Miss....