Workplace Love: Finding Mr. Right in a Co-Worker?

officeRomanceFinding love could all be so simple if we knew exactly where to find it.  Women typically go to bars, gyms, museums, coffee shops, even church in search of Mr. Right.  We are always on the plow searching for Mr. Right, yet we end up finding Mr. Wrong, Mr. Broke, Mr. Married, Mr. Ex Con, Mr. Drug Addict, Mr. Gay on the Low, Mr. Got Too Many Baby Mommas, ugh the list can go on and on. Where art thou Mr. Right?

Monday through Friday we are steadily anticipating for the weekend so we can go out and begin our hunt all over again in search of Mr. Right. But have you ever wondered, “what if Mr. Right was in the office next to you?” “What if Mr. Right shared the cubical across from you?” “What if Mr. Right was someone you’ve seen every day except Saturday and Sunday?” “What if Mr. Right is your co- worker?”

Love in the workplace could lead to awkward situations but on the flip side it could lead to spontaneous consistent fun.  Imagine going to work with your man every day, wouldn’t that be great? You never have to worry about the “baby, I’m working late” message because you know EXACTLY what’s going on. LOL. I am all for finding your Mr. Right in the workplace but there are a few Office Rules that must be discussed before you commit to such a relationship.

Dos and Don’ts of Finding Love in the Workplace:

Office Rule #1:

DO keep it private: No one else in the office needs to know what is going on.  Keep your personal business personal.

Office Rule #2:

DO continue to be professional: Keep the public display of affection for the streets. No one in the office wants to see you sucking face with your co-worker lover in front of them.

Office Rule #3:

DO realize this is your job: The harsh fact is some relationships do not last, and unfortunately if a breakup occurs, one of you may have to look for a new job.

Office Rule #4:

DO remember work emails and phone calls are not private: Reframe from sending those kinky emails to your beau while on the office Outlook.  Most jobs have access to your work emails and no one wants to read the raunchy things you are planning to do tonight.  Keep that to your cell phone text messages.

Office Rule #5:

DO go out on dates outside of work:  You may think you know someone because you see them every day. But how people act from 9am to 5pm may be completely different after 5:05pm.  Get to know the person out of office to determine if it’s even worth the time

Office Rule #6:

DON’T make a big scene: Do not parade around the office bragging to everyone that Mr. So and So is your man. No one wants to hear, no one cares, and you may develop more haters on the job.

Office Rule #7:

DON’T get involved with a married co-worker:  If you know they’re married more than likely other people in the office know they are married too. Do not put yourself in the “home wrecking” business while on the job. That image is already frowned upon; do not have your co-workers gossiping about your love with the married man.

Office Rule #8:

DON’T suddenly dress provocatively:  Keep your skirts knee length and your cleavage hidden. Just because your man works at your job does not mean you have to seduce him with your attire. Stick to the dress code and keep it cute.

Office Rule #9:

DON’T have sex in the office: Of course we all are looking for ways to spruce up the sex life, but DO NOT let the office be that place. Supplies rooms are for pens and paper not booty and panties. Keep it clean!

Office Rule #10:

DON’T switch to another co-worker:  if it doesn’t work out with one co-worker DO NOT begin dating another co-worker. There is a certain etiquette that must be kept while dating a co- worker, and if it doesn’t work out, at least try a different department, not the same office.

So, to all my lovers, friends, and co-workers good luck on your quest to find Mr. Right, just remember there are levels to this to this thing called LOVE.


Tileah Aisha

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