Why Do Women Cheat?

tileahIf you’re a television junkie such as me, think back a few years to Season 3 of the popular HBO series Sex and the City when Carrie did the unthinkable, she cheated on Aidan. 0__0 My jaw dropped, I couldn’t breathe (yes, I’m dramatic at times) but how dare she do such a horrid act to someone who loved her so deeply.

Aidan was your ideal mate. Entrepreneur, hard working, charming, still believed in chivalry, he sometimes looked a little rough around the edges but sexy nevertheless.  Carrie came first in his life…well alongside his dog Pete of course, but you get the point.  Aidan was all about Carrie and Carrie “appeared” to be all about Aidan.  So what happened?

I often wonder when I hear scenarios like this, why do people cheat on people that love them so much? How can you constantly ask for a “good” man (ladies, you know we are always praying to God to send us a “good” man,lol) and some of us don’t know how to handle them once we get him.  Why is this sometimes the case? According to an article I read on the Huffington Post women cheat for 5 reasons:[1

  1. Feels neglected/ unappreciated
  2. Craves intimacy
  3. Bored and/or lonely
  4. Doesn’t feel fully loved
  5. Has intimacy disorders

Ladies, do you agree? Are these the top reasons why women cheat? And if those reasons are true, why did Carrie ruin a good relationship, especially to go back to a CHEATER?  Help me out here, let’s start some dialogue, why do women cheat? And why would you cheat on a “good” man?

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 *photo credit to Buzzsugar.com *