Who is the Woman in the mirror?

self loveAs women, we are born into different shapes, sizes, shades, and ethnicities. We all come from many different backgrounds and have traveled different journeys.  Yet, we are always looking at the next woman trying to be more like them.  We get extensions because we hate our hair, we botox to look younger, we get implants for bigger bust and bottom, we purchase items way out of wage range just to wear a label, and after all of that we are still unhappy, looking for more. Why is that the case? Why are we unhappy in our own skin? Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and didn’t recognize yourself? Have you ever done something that you know you normally wouldn’t do? Why do we subject ourselves to the stereotypes and misconceptions of what makes a woman a woman? How are we allowing the media to define what makes a phenomenal woman?  Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Day in and day out we are subjected to the media telling us what we should look like. Defining what our curves must look like, what our hair texture must feel like, which designer we should be wearing.   Yet, have you ever asked yourself, what do YOU want to look like? We have to find the courage to reach outside the box and stand in our own comfort zone, even if that means standing alone and looking different.  We have to be more in tuned with our reflection or forever be lost in the shadows of society.  The best love to have in life is self love, and once you develop a very genuine relationship with yourself, dealing with others is the easy part. So I say to you, look in the mirror, do you recognize who’s starring back, is it the true you?

#MakeOver Monday


Tileah Aisha

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