When the Past Reappears!

 What do you do when someone from your past reappears? How do you handle it? I was chatting with some friends and the topic of “blast from the past” came up and it stirred up a lot of emotions within the discussion.  Some people would be happy if a past person reappeared, others were not so keen on the idea.  How would you feel?  I guess it would all depend on the situation.  How did the situation end? Where did it leave off? All of those plus more questions would probably arise.


Although my next statement may not be the perfect psychological method of handling this situation, but it has worked for me. The ‘out of sight, out of mind” concept really works well for me. If I am not being constantly reminded of a situation/ person I tend to forget it.  But it’s when I am faced with the situation/ person again is when my mind may track back.  Thinking about the past is not always a bad thing though. You have to know where you came from to appreciate where you are and plan to go. BUT sometimes the emotions may run deep and then you’re dwelling on the past. 


Here are my 3 tips that help me deal when faced with a “blast from the past” moment:


  1. Leave the situation alone.  There is probably a very good reason that person did not make it into your future and perhaps it should stay that way.


  1. Re-evaluate the situation. Briefly think about what lead to the break of friendship/ relationship between you and that person and see if it can be repaired.  Sometimes it is the time apart that makes you and the other person realize the significance you had in each others lives.


  1. Jump right back in. Perhaps this is something you have been praying and waiting on and the opportunity finally presented itself again. So I say go for it! You only get one chance at certain things and this may be your last shot. Take the leap.



Hope these tips can help, and I am interested to know how you would/ have handled a “blast from the past” situation.


Let’s chick chat about it!





Tileah Aisha