What’s Your Motivation?

Everyone in life no matter what your career path is, or personal goals, or even relationship status, need a little motivation. As an artist, I need a constant flow of motivation to produce work. Easier said than done. There’s spurts of high energy and motivation, where nothing stands in my way and I can do anything and go anywhere. Then there are times where motivation is a foreign word to me. I know what I have to do, so the question is, why not do it? Is my source of motivation not strong enough?


If you are going through it like I am, what is your source of motivation? Is it family, friends, better living conditions, need a change, proving someone wrong, or is it just for you and your peace of mind? What ever it is, make sure its true and dear to you and the driving force behind your actions and not just an empty reason because you feel you need to have one. I am learning that a support system is very helpful in keeping your motivation. Surrounding yourself with people with similar goals, or who understand what you are trying to accomplish, whatever that may be, and are a positive force in your life helps a tremendous amount.

Find what motivates you; what truly in your heart of hearts, motivates you. Write it down on a sticky note and put it somewhere you will see it every morning when you wake up or where you will always have it in view. When you have those moments where you feel your motivation dwindling, read your note, hold your head up, and push on. Because in the end all your hard work and energy will pay off.