What Would You Do?

Before explaining the scenario remove yourself from what you think you would do or what you think is right. Be a complete neutral party and answer honestly.

Here’s the scenario: You begin to take interests in or date a guy that a friend of yours know. All he is to your friend is a friend, someone who she occasionally hangs out with, mostly group settings. You ask your friend how she feels about him in a dating setting and as a guy. She gives her honest opinion and tells you that she knows how all his relationships end and what happens during them. She tells you what his MO is and how he’s treated other girls he’s dated and that although he may be a good friend, he’s not the best of boy friends. You listen to your friend, knowing she is only looking out for you and has your best interest in mind.

As friends we try to look out for one another and ask each other for our opinions. At times we take to that advice and other times we don’t.  There are times where you feel that you know yourself better and you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Now what would you do? Take heed to what your friend has told you and back away and just stay friends with the guy or continue to date him and see for yourself where is can go?