What is Your Personal Reflection?

As the days go by, I am convinced that I am blessed. Everyday that I wake up is a constant reminder that I was given another day to make a change/ difference. I do not take these opportunities lightly and therefore I often wonder am I doing my best? I was raised to always do my best and give anything that I do my all. But how am I supposed to measure that, if the results are yet to be seen? How do I continue to press forward even though I do not see the outcome?


I guess it is a trivial mind game that you have to play with yourself. You have to train yourself in knowing that all the things you are doing WILL pay off in the long run. Seeing is not always believing and therefore not seeing the results RIGHT AWAY does not mean the results will not happen. So how do I cope with this trivial mind game? Well, I just remind myself of all of the reasons why I am doing it. All of my actions I try to insure they have a purpose and reflecting on that purpose reminds my mind to keep moving forward. Also, let’s not forget the baby steps. Just because you do not see the big prize does not mean that the baby steps are worthless. Each step is a step closer and technically that means you’re moving. And movement means you’re alive, and being alive gives you another chance to make a change/difference.


So to my ladies out there, I say do not give up. Keep on pushing for you will reap those precious rewards.




XoXo Tileah Aisha