What is Your Legacy?

Have you ever thought about your funeral? No? Yea me either.  I know death is inevitable but it isn’t something I don’t want to think about. BUT I heard a sermon the other day and it made me focus on my funeral.  What would people say about me? But most importantly, what legacy would I leave behind? As we get older and years pass by, it makes me wonder if I am doing all I can to leave a positive legacy.  Am I doing enough?

I heard a sermon the other day that focused on the landmarks of one’s life.  Landmarks are something that marks a moment in time and/or a tangible setting.  When the preacher spoke of landmarks, he described it as being a moment in life that serves as a reminder of where you have been.  As the sermon went on I began to reflect on my personal life and think of my current landmarks.  As I thought of my life’s landmarks, I began to think about what legacy I will leave behind.  I started thinking about all that I’ve done and what I want to do. And then it hit me, I have A LOT to get done and so little time.

We don’t know when our expiration date is, so are we using the 24hours in a day wisely? Are we putting off things that we can do today for tomorrow? How are we utilizing our time?  These are all questions that began to consume my brain as I thought about the legacy that I want to leave behind.

What about yourself, have you thought about what legacy would you leaved behind?  What would people say about you after you have passed? Are the actions you’re doing today something you want to be remembered for?  When you think of life in that capacity, it may make you think twice before every action and it makes you cherish all of our time here, since it is limited.  Reflecting upon this topic, I have some great landmarks in my life to remind me to keep pushing forward.  But I am not close to completing this journey.  I have so much more to do and each day is a new opportunity.  So my question to you is what is your legacy? What would you leave behind for the next generation to examine? What is your landmark?



Tileah Aisha