What is your fitness level?

Since the New Year has started many people are going strong with their workout resolutions and sticking to their exercise routine.  But what if you never had a routine, how are you supposed to know what to focus on?  Well, did you know that your squat formation can tell you your fitness level? If you answered no, don’t feel bad, I had no idea either.  It wasn’t until I started working out myself as well as doing research to find different routines to develop.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, which I love, your squatting form can tell you a lot about where you’re tight, where you’re weak and overall what you need to work on in your program.  So what do you have to do? Well, stand in front of a mirror and go down into a squat position and ask yourself these five questions:

1. Are you unable to get your hips below your knees, achieving a full range of motion squat, while keeping your heels down and arms overhead?

2. Do your knees collapse in?

3. Do you lean to one side, shifting your weight? You’ll see this when facing the mirror by watching your hips to see if they shift to one side.

4. Does your torso bend forward beyond parallel with your shins? Your back should be parallel or more vertical than your shins. If you feel your back rounding forward take note.

5. Are your arms drifting down as you squat?

I absolutely love squats! Of course, they hurt but I love what it does to my little booty. Lol.  So to all my ladies who want to start working out but are unsure of where to start try this exercise and take it from there. Women’s Health Magazine is a great resource for tips and resources so be sure to check the link below.

If you have any other tips, please drop a comment and share so we all can exercise and get fit together.

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