What Do Your Habits Say About You?

Recently, I’ve been reading a book about habits and what it takes to either develop or break a habit.  The concepts are very interesting and make a lot of sense if you want to achieve a specific goal.  The book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, describes three things that are essential to a habit, the cue, routine and reward.  The cue is something that triggers someone to do something.  Perhaps if you are a cigarette smoker, the smell of a cigarette would trigger you to want to smoke.  The routine is something that the habit entails.  Using the cigarette as an example, the routine would be the lighting and puffing of the cigarette.  Lastly, the reward, is the feeling you achieve once that action is complete or in motion.

Thinking of these three concepts, cue, routine, reward, it makes me wonder how our habits affect our daily lives.  Your daily habits may affect what type of person you are trying to become or what goals you are trying to achieve.  I am pretty certain millionaires did not become rich by simply doing sitting around doing nothing.  It takes hard work, dedication, and consist habits in order to achieve a dream.  So after reading this book, it now has me reevaluating my habits.  Are my habits leading me closer to my dream career? Are my habits hurting me in the long run? I poses a lot of questions that I am not certain yet if I have the answer. BUT, it did make me realize there are a few habits I would like to change and what better time to start then NOW.


So since today is #MakeOver Monday take a few minutes out of your day and evaluate your habits and see if they align with the goals you have set forth for yourself? Are your habits working for or against you??



#MakeOver Monday



Tileah Aisha