Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Fashionista

Spring is here and it is time to bring out the Innerista in you. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself through clothing and fashion blogger and Style Era boutique owner Elizabeth Achampong is all about giving you the latest fads and trends as well as encouraging women to find their Innerista. Through her blog site www.myinnernista.blogspot.com, Elizabeth encourages young women to embrace their bodies and take charge of their own fashion.  Women are now defining who they are by what they wear and it is important to wear something that represents you.

LCC had the honor of interviewing Elizabeth Achampong; here is what she had to say:

1. What inspired you to want to encourage other women through fashion?

What inspired me to want to encourage other woman through fashion was other women. One young woman contacted me saying how she loved my style and she felt that I should blog. I never thought about being a blogger, I always thought of one day becoming a stylist or a pr person. The idea kept penetrating in my mind and finally I just took a leap of faith and started my blog. Here I am months later encouraging woman every time I post an outfit. It still shocks me how many people give me such encouragement after starting my blog and that is what keeps me going.  It will be a year in May and I am thankful!

2. What is the motivation behind each of your blog post?

For me having a blog is not all about showing off your clothes or taking pictures. There is a deeper message behind it all that humbles me.  What I take away from this is being able to be an inspiration to other women.  Being able to do that is truly the motivation behind every post.

3.   What is your personal unique style?

My personal style is classy, and elegant with a hint of edge. I like to be a lady but still push the envelope at times.  I love to show women that you don't have to show so much skin in order to be sexy!

4.   What is Style Era? And what is unique about the clothing?

Style Era is my new online boutique. I just started in January. This is definitely the era of style. Women are defining who they are with what they wear and it is important, because style defines who you are without words! Style Era boutique is unique because the store is bringing quality merchandise that can really accentuate ones style.  The website is www.styleeraboutique.com

5.     What are 5 items every woman should have in their wardrobe?

Five items that every woman should have in their wardrobe. The first is a cute blazer.  Whether a neutral color or a bold color.  A blazer can definitely turn and outfit from drab to fab! The second is a good pair of jeans, whether skinny or relaxed whatever cut works for your figure. A good pair of jeans will take you far. The third is a statement necklace. Often times an outfit needs something to just pull it all together and that's what a statement necklace does.  The fourth is a sturdy pair of pumps.  Last but not least, the fifth item is a nice crisp white tee just for those days where you can't figure out what to wear. Simply throw on everything from 1-5 and you have a chic outfit that's appropriate for many occasions!

To get more tips from Elizabeth check out:

Instagram: @myinnernista and @styleeraboutique

Twitter: @myinnernista

Website: www.styleeraboutique.com /  www.myinnernista.blogspot.com

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