Virtuous Magazine: Interview with Author Brittany Davis

brittany davisShe’s an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, a published author, a wife, and most importantly a child of God. I recently had the opportunity of catching up with Brittany Davis, creator of Virtuous Magazine to discuss her book, Style Your Soul: Get Dressed from the Inside Out, her magazine, and upcoming projects.

As a woman, it seems as if we were designed to multi-task and handle everything and Brittany is no stranger to multi-tasking. From writing for her magazine, writing new books, plus public motivational speaking, Brittany knows where her help comes from and she keeps grounded by her faith and trust in God. “I am so passionate about sharing the love of God with others through Virtuous and showing how fulfilling your life can be when it’s dedicated to Him.” With a love for fashion and her faithful love for God, Brittany wondered how she could merge the two passions and with that came, Virtuous Magazine.  Check out the rest of the interview below:

LCC:       What is the inspiration behind your magazine?

Brittany: I've always loved fashion and beauty magazines but they don't really contain much substance. Plus they regularly feature immodest fashions and women. I wanted a magazine that would help you live for God with devotionals but also would focus on fun things like modest fashions, home decor and recipes, so I created one.

LCC:       How has blogging enhanced your lifestyle?

Brittany: Blogging and running a website have enhanced my life by allowing me to spread God's word all over the world and share my message of living for God and loving your life with hundreds of thousands of people.

LCC:       What can people gain by visiting your website?

Brittany: When you visit you get free access to each issue of Virtuous Magazine, released bi-monthly. Also, you can sign up for the weekly women's devotional that goes out every Thursday full of encouragement and early access to new projects. When I released my book last year I actually gave newsletter subscribers a free copy!

LCC:       What is the definition of a Virtuous woman?

Brittany: A virtuous woman is a woman that is doing her best to live for God. She's a kind, giving and hard working woman dedicated to loving her family and her life.

LCC:       Tell us about your book Style Your Soul: Get Dressed from the Inside Out

Brittany: "Style Your Soul: Get Dressed from the Inside Out" came about as a response to many questions I received about dressing appropriately. But the truth of the matter is I don't have any hard rules because modesty is a heart issue not a hemline issue and so the book is really about beautifying the inner person so that she can be projected outwardly. It's also available in Spanish! Book Cover brittany davis

LCC:        Tell us about any upcoming events you have

Brittany: I'm actually speaking a few more times this year at the Avondale Church of Christ ladies' retreat in Charleston and at the 1st annual Strengthening Your Faith Lectureship in Atlanta. Also, I have a new book that will be released soon about awakening love in every aspect of your life. Those on the newsletter list will be the first to hear about it.

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Tileah Aisha