Two Steps To Creating a lifestyle of Your Dreams

tileahIn life we all have our hopes, dreams and desires but only a few will actually make those dreams come true. Based on magazines, news, and social media, we see tangible things that we want and ultimately have a desire to obtain them. From Pinterest and magazines, depicting to us the latest trends in interior designs, to designer clothing and shoes, we become engulf in this fantasy lifestyle that we want to create.  But how do we manage our current lifestyle in order to get into our fantasy lifestyle?

As the old cliché goes, people are trying to keep up with the Jones’s-who ever they are. Sadly, many people live above their means trying to create a lifestyle of lux and glam before building the foundation to uphold such reward.  We all want and deserve nice things, but everything comes with a price.  The lifestyle that we want for ourselves and the lifestyle we see celebrities and superstars living, did you ever wonder how did they get there? Did you ever put yourself in their shoes? Some people aren’t born with a silver spoon and therefore they have to work to obtain the life of glam and lux. Living above your means, may last for a while but eventually that to will come to an end.

Creating a lifestyle that you want requires two things; a plan and patience. You need to create a plan, a blueprint of how you expect to get to the status where you can live the lifestyle of your desires.  Ask yourself, what type of career and/or business do I want to create that could render those results? Ask yourself, what am I willing to temporarily sacrifice in order to get those things accomplished?  The answer to these questions will be of great assistance once you begin to create your desired lifestyle.  Next you need patience. Patience may be the hardest concept to grasps but is it the most important. Some things take time to manifest and the time duration is unknown to woman.  Daily you will be faced with new challenges that may set you back but you have to remember the ultimate goal, which is to create the lifestyle of your desires. If you keep the goal in mind the patience will soon come naturally. 

 So are you making strides in creating the lifestyle of your desires? Are you creating and executing your plan? Be real and honest with yourself and you will find that you are able to have all that you desire.

XoXo #MakeOver Monday

Tileah Aisha