Trick to Keeping Your Diet Over the Weekend

Hey Ladies! So we all know that trying to keep up with your healthy eating habits become very difficult once the weekend hits. During the week you have a regimen that helps you keep your diet on track, but once the weekend hits.... Its time for parties, longer happy hour, events, and so on. They don't always have the  best food for you to choose from. So here's a little trick!! Drink two 8oz glasses of water before each meal you eat. This will "trick" your stomach into feeling full! The more water your drink, the less room there is for the food you eat, therefore the less junk you eat! Another upside to this method is, if you can continue this throughout the week, you will have overall weight loss. The study was conducted among older individuals and researches believe that for the younger crowd its not as effected, because at a younger age water leaves the stomach quicker. However, I beg to differ. I've tried this before and it does help. Although after your meal a few hours later you will be hungry again, I suggest to continue to drink water throughout the day and have small snacks, with low fat and low calories.