Treats for your Sweetie for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and like clock work all men are scrambling around looking for the sweetest gift to give to their loved one and all of the single people are thinking of bitter statements for their twitter and facebook accounts. You can always tell who is single and UNHAPPY about it when Valentine’s Day comes around. Valentine’s Day is just a day to show love to all that you care about, it does not have to be centered towards a significant other. The stigma is that Valentine’s Day is for the ladies and it is our time to be pampered by our men. But that doesn’t always seem fair and we must show love to our men as well. So how are you treating your man tomorrow for Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 simple inexpensive treats to give to your hunny:


  1. Slow Dance: Throw on some high heels, a little baby doll ensemble, turn on some slow tunes and do a little performance. It will have him drooling.
  2. Care Package: Create a little basket of all of his favorite sweet treats, favorite snacks, travel size cologne AND if you’re naughty, add some sex toys in there as well ;)
  3. Coupon Book: Pull out your arts and crafts skills and create a coupon book for things like, foot rubs, special dinner, massages, bubble baths etc. Let him decide what he wants.
  4. Picture Frame: Create or purchase a cute, sweet picture frame and include a special picture of the two of you for his viewing pleasure.
  5. Magazine Subscription: Subscribe to your man’s favorite magazine. This will show him that you do actually pay attention to his hobbies and interest.


These are just a few simple treats to offer your mate. Remember Valentine’s Day is just the nationally known day to show love, however, you should make every effort to express your love everyday.




Tileah Aisha