Top 3 Reasons to Get a Facial

facialIf you get your eyes brows waxed or in my case threaded every two weeks, hair “did” every two weeks, nails and toes “did” every two weeks, and if you’re really risky you get your Brazilian wax every four weeks, but what about your facials? How many times a year do you get a professional facial? Please note I am not talking about the new mask you made in your kitchen or brought from the beauty store. I am talking about having a licensed esthetician work some magic over your facial pores.

I’ve had several professional facials in my lifetime, but after reading an article I found online I think I will have to incorporate this into my monthly beauty routine.  Your skin, especially your face gets the grunt of all traumas from all the elements outdoors and indoors.  For example, in the winter you may notice that your skin is a lot drier and may appear rough. (That’s not cute) Or in the summer, when the air is hot you may find your skin to appear oily which can lead to more frequent breakouts. (That’s not cute) Professional facials along with your daily facial hygiene routines may aid in keeping your skin clean and preventing many other ailments.  Plus if you wear makeup daily, having regular facial treatments helps keeps your skin hydrated and enhances that natural glow.

Here are my top 3 reasons for getting professional facials:

  1. Cleansing – This is essential in a healthy beauty routine. As a lady, we wear makeup daily and our pores are constantly covered with concealer and/or foundation. Leaving those dead skin cells matted to our face (yuck). Our pores need to breathe. Our skin sheds millions of cells a day and having a regular treatment helps remove those dead cells so healthy cells can grow.
  2. Stress Reliever- Having a professional facial allows you to relax and embrace the facial massage. I love going to the spa, lights are dim and my face just feels FREE.
  3. Forever Young- Routine facials may help in preventing wrinkles. Removing those old dead facial cells allows room for healthy cells to grow.  Giving you your natural radiant glow that everyone yearns for. I mean, who doesn’t want to look younger?

Professional facials can be a bit costly, but I figure if we splurge on pocketbooks, shoes, clothes, and weaves, why not splurge on our skin?!? We only have one body in this lifetime, we must take care of it.

Healthy is Sexy


Tileah Aisha

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