Top 20 Phrases and Words You Should Leave In 2013

2013 to 20142014 will be here in less and 48hrs and before we turn a new leaf into a new unknown year there are a few things you MUST do. First, be thankful that you have seen another year. We take so many things for granted and TIME is one of them.  Every day that you wake up is a good day and you ought to be glad. Second, be happy about 2013 challenges. Challenges make you stronger and guess what, if you’re reading this post and you can reflect on a challenge you had, you made it past it. Kudos to you! Lastly, third, forgiveness. All of the grudges you may have had in 2013, let it go. Bringing the 2013 drama / BS into the New Year is asking for a setback.  Whatever the drama is, let it go and move forward.

Now, putting all the morally correct values aside there are a few things phrases and words that should be left in 2013:

  1. Turnt up
  2. Turn down for what?
  3. Yaaass
  4. Your face is beat to the gwads
  5. Yolo
  6. Get yo life dot com
  7. 3rd person reference- SHE/HER
  8. Twerk
  9. Started from the bottom now we here
  10. Thot
  11. Vamping
  12. Ratchet
  13. Swerve
  14. Gone with the wind fabulous
  15. Have several seats
  16. B!tch don’t kill my vibe
  17. Selfie
  18. No filter
  19. Girl. bye
  20. TeamNatural

LOL. As I re-read this list all I can do is crack up because I pretty much say all of them. ANNNNND unfortunately I WILL be bringing them into 2014. I just can’t help it!!Yaaass Hunny Yaassss!!! :) lol,

what phrases or words do you think should be left in 2013?

Happy New Years Folks! Peace Love and Happiness to you and yours


Tileah Aisha

*photo credit*