Top 10 Reasons You Want Jeanette Jenkins As Your Fitness Trainer

jeanette jenkinsEverybody knows celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins is the paramount when it comes to fitness training. She has been enhancing her fitness skills for decades now and it wasn’t until two years ago that I heard about her. If you’re shaking your head at me, please continue, I felt the same way. She is such a phenomenon in the fitness and nutritionist world; I don’t know where I have been all these years. It could be that I was never into fitness and healthy eating habits until most recently and that’s when the research begun.  After seeing the fabulous singer Kelly Rowland body transformation, I was completely curious as to who was training her. When I discovered that it was Jeanette Jenkins, I knew I had to figure out who she was.

After viewing her site,  which is very awesome, following her on twitter and instagram and learning more about the work she does in the community I developed 10 top reasons why I need her as my trainer.


  1. Toned Legs: Have you seen her thighs? They are amazing toned and not overly muscularized(I made that word up) I hate seeing women with manly legs, but her legs are flawless
  2. Provides Encouragement: If you follow her on IG or twitter, daily she is posting words of inspiration and just speaking positivity into the atmosphere. We can all use some positive energy with all that may be going on in our lives
  3. Visual Results:  3 of her clients that caught my attention are Tia Mowry, Kelly Rowland, and Pink. Their bodies are amazing.
  4. Fun Exercises: if you have ever done any of her tapes, or viewed some of her workouts on YouTube, the routines are very fun, upbeat and trust and believe at the end of the workout you will KNOW you worked out.  Lol
  5. Educated: Jeanette Jenkins is qualified to do what she does. She has a college degree along with other certifications.  Having a trainer that is knowledgeable about how the body and muscles operate is very important when choosing a trainer.
  6. Winner of Fear Factor- How many of you knew she was the first FEMALE winner of Fear Factor?  Isn’t that amazing? If you ever seen an episode of Fear Factor that show isn’t a walk in the park, there are some serious stunts and dare devil activities that must be done. Girls Rock!
  7. Gives Back:  Although she is a celebrity fitness trainer, she still finds time to give back to the community through charities such as School on Wheels Organization, The Samburu Project and the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Shelter
  8. Sneaker Game on Point:  Her Nike sneakers are ALWAYS a vibrant, bold color that looks comfortable.  I am not really a sneaker fan, but the colors that she has, I can definitely rock those with ease.  
  9. Free Advice- if you follow her social media outlets she is always giving us new, updated tips whether it’s regarding a new exercise, diet, or health knowledge, she is always giving out tips for FREE
  10. She’s a woman- It’s so refreshing to see women on top of their game and making moves.  She is an inspiration to many and she still manages to incorporate a style and grace in her appearance.  Healthy is sexy!  

For the disclaimer, I have never met Jeanette but through her work out videos and social media presence I feel like I have and can’t wait until her new workout video with Kelly Rowland comes out. Whoot Whoot !

#Wellness Wednesday


Tileah Aisha