Tips to Spring Cleaning

Winter is finally over and now it is time to come out of hibernation.  The sun is shining, flowers are beginning to bloom and it’s time for a change.  With the change of the season I always believe it’s time to spring clean in many aspects of my life. Here are a few tips to get you prepared for the change of seasons:

First start is the closet.

It is time to box up the winter clothes, put the boots away and make room for new attire.  I always sort through my clothes, packed the things I do want and get rid of the rest. Majority of the clothes you wear in the winter you’re not going to wear again so why keep the baggage?  Plus, one lady’s trash is another’s treasures, so off to the Good Will they go. Plus many charity places provide tax receipts so you can write these items off with your accountant.  Replace your winter wardrobe with cool flowing fabrics and get ready for some fun in the sun.

Second the house/apartment.

Time to dust behind the couch, replace those shelves and paint that wall.  Put on your handy yellow gloves, get the mop and make some soapsuds.  Remove old items that are taking up space and create a spacious ambiance to catch the breeze in your home.  Open all of the windows and let some fresh air in.   This is the time to regroup your living areas and create a peaceful, tranquil, sanitized environment to relax and take pleasure in the lovely warm weather.

Third, spring clean your social environment.    

Places that I went to and explored during the winter I would not go to during the spring and summer.  It’s time to search the web, read magazines and find new trendy social outings to attend.  Living in the Tri-State area offers an array of social settings to attend. is a great start to find things in New York City. Plus check out for events happening in New Jersey.   There is always something new to do during the warm weather months, so get out and enjoy new social life.


Warm weather always cheers me up. So put on your new outfit, flaunt those sunshades and spring clean your way into happiness.  Enjoy


~Tileah Aisha*