Tips for Balancing a Job while Pursing Your Professional Goals

balance-your-life photo by tapout101If you’re anything like me, coffee becomes your bestie, you work full time, have a career you’re pursing, blueprinting  your own business, maintaining personal relationships with your man, family and friends, being active within in the church, volunteering in the community, all while wishfully wishing you could just sip wine on a beach and relax. WHEW!! A lot happens in 24hours and yet in still the job is never done.  As I am evolving more in my different endeavors, I am finding time is the hardest concept to handle. 24 hours just does not seem to be enough but it’s all we have so we have no choice but to make it work.  But how do we make it work?

Working out a routine may be challenging but I find it’s the best way to ensure you get everything done in a timely fashion.  Now, I know most people hate routines and like to live the spontaneous lifestyle. But when you’re out here trying to make money and accomplish goals, some lifestyles you have to sacrifice.   A big leap into obtaining your goals calls for extreme measures. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Put Your Job First- I know you are working on your “dream career” or developing your own company, but be mindful as to what is currently paying the bills. Your day job is actually helping you in pursing your dreams, do not mess that up. Until you are receiving revenue from your business do not quit the day job.
  2. Create a “to do” list- Grab a pen and pad and every night write out everything that needs to be done for the next day. I find these very helpful and I understand we are in the era of technology and I am sure there is an app for this. But I find writing it out and actually seeing the visual helps the mind realize what needs to be done
  3. Get help- Delegate some of your trivial tasks to someone else if you can. There is 24hours in a day and if you can save time by cutting corners do so. For example, see if you can ask a friend to pick up your dry cleaning, that will save you time from driving there and picking it up. You could be doing other things in that time. *Tip* If you can afford it, hire an assistant.
  4. Make Use of Your Weekends- Saturday and Sunday are your 48hrs to get as much accomplished as possible.  Whether its housework, spending time with family and friends, or actually working on your goals, use these 2 days wisely and get the most use out them.
  5. Invest in yourself- Eventually, to successful launch a lucrative business you will have to devote all of your time and energy into it. Working a full time job is not going to allow you to productively do such, it just isn’t possible, we aren’t robots. In this case, you have to invest in yourself and budget accordingly.  If you know in a few years you will have to quit your day job, start saving now so the transition won’t be so drastic. Investing in yourself will be the biggest investment you make in your life, don’t make a risky decision make a smart decision.
  6. Be Patient- All great things take time. Do not rush your goals just make sure you are actively working towards them. Enjoy the transition. We only live once let’s not rush the process.

If you are currently working full time and working on your professional goals, let us know how you balance out your days.


Tileah Aisha

*photo credit*