Think About It….

Pain is necessary, misery is an option…

I was recently on Facebook, and a friend of mine had on his status, “pain is necessary, misery is an option.” At the time I was going through my own issues, and that line really hit home. Pain is necessary, it helps you grow as a person, it teaches you lessons, and at times it lets you know your alive. We all go through painful moments, and in the end we pull through, some taking longer than others. But to allow that pain to turn into misery, is all on you. You don’t have to allow that pain to bring you down and effect your day to day. Drowning yourself in your sorrows does not help the healing process, it just prolongs it. When holding on to your pain you stop your self from growing as a person and living the life you were destined to live.

Never let anyone take your power. Experience, learn, and grown from all the pain your encounter. And from that, you can continue to better yourself and other around you.