The “Swirl”

Do you get down with the swirl? You know the swirl… Dating outside of your race, be it black and white, black and Asian, black and Spanish, white and Indian, Indian and Spanish, etc. You get the idea. There are a lot of people out there who are very much against this idea. Most people haven’t even tried and they are dead set against this. Why not apply the rule of which you date like you do to the food you eat? Can’t say you don’t like something unless you’ve tried it., you taste a food to see if you like it right? Why not try dating someone that doesn’t look like you then base your decision?  Even then it’s hard because one person cannot represent an entire race.

Some people say they just aren’t attracted to people outside of their race. How could you say that? People are people; you choose not to be attracted. Or people say, if only that person’s features were on skin that looked like mine they’d be attractive. Can you really be that hooked up on color? Now I am not bashing people who are against it. I am just saying be open and think beyond the color. It would be a shame for you to meet someone outside of your race and have a connection like no other, and not explore your possibilities because they are different then you. You may have just missed out on the person you are suppose to spend the rest of your life with.

There is nothing wrong with interracial relationships, majority of us are not pure bloods anyway. I am sure if you open up your mind to dating outside your race, your pool of prospects will more than double. Women always claim there aren’t enough good men out there. Truth is, there are, you just have to look beyond your own race. If you have the idea in your head that you can only date someone that looks like you then your going to have a whole lot harder of a time finding someone for you than a woman who is open to other races.

You would think that our generation and during these times, interracial relationships would be embraced more. They are definitely more common than they used to be and accepted by others more. Yes we all have our difference, but as adults we can come together and discuss them and not allow race to divide us amongst the human race.

Now as much as I agree with interracial relationships, there are times I have an issue with them. My issue is when people only date outside of their race because they feel the men/women within their race are no good. Perhaps it’s just the type of guys/girls you are dating. Or if they only date one type of race, not there own, because they feel they treat are better. Sorry to break it to you but a man/woman is not going to treat you any better just because he/she is white, black, Spanish, Indian, or Asian. They are going to treat you the way they were raised or has learned through experience.

Open your mind, and experience new people and things. You may surprise yourself and find the person of your dreams where you least expect it. Love has no age, color, religion, ethnicity, or class. Love is all about the connection purely between two people.


Peace & Love

~Gwendolyn Renee