The Sweetest Taboo



  1. 1.   proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable: Taboo language is usually bleeped on TV. Synonyms: prohibited, banned, forbidden, proscribed. Antonyms: allowed, permitted, permissible; sanctioned.




We are the generation of taking what was once taboo and turning into mainstream culture. Although most things are still not accepted by all, the “virus” is slowly spreading. Taboos such as, tattoos, piercings, sexuality (LBGT), PDA (public display of affection), nudity, and unwed mothers are becoming more and more accepted within society. Although they may not be things you aspire to do or be, they are not frowned upon like they once were. The older generations are probably the only ones still holding us back from totally embracing these taboos. Within our generation there are still a few who hold tightly to the views and beliefs of their elders, but there are very few. Once we begin to have children, and those who have already begun, that generation will be so much more tolerant and expecting of our taboos today, where they may no longer be considered taboo.


My question to those not excepting of the small list of taboos above is, how are they affecting your life? What does someone else’s tattoos, piercings, sexuality, PDA, nudity, and unwed mothers have to do with you? I understand not wanting to see two people getting it on in public or a random naked person crossing your path, but if done in moderation and in the right places, how has your life been changed so drastically that you turn your nose up to it? Going back to the previous blog, No Labels, No Box… Live, if we spent the amount of time we do judging people on bettering ourselves and worrying about ourselves only, we’d be so much happier as a people and things once taboo will no longer be.


There are still certain things that are taboo such as, incest, polygamy, cannibalism, and so forth that will always be taboo. But when comparing those to list above, are they really all that bad? We need to begin to open our minds and create new opinions and ideologies, to better ourselves as individuals and people as a whole.



Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee