The Comeback

one lifeIn times in life you have to take a break, regroup, and come back refreshed. These past two months I have been on a hiatus trying to put the pieces together. During this time, I did more soul searching, figuring out exactly what I want and need to be doing. In this time, I learned that there are things that I want to do but haven’t done it because it is out of my norm. What do I mean? Most of my adult life I had one plan and I was creating the blueprint and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Well, during this time away from the blog and “life” I realized there are some things I want to achieve that goes against the “plan”. All kinds of thoughts began to race my brain as it would appear I am starting over.

It took some time to grasp this concept as I am so use to a routine. Well, as the days go by and I continually re-think the new “plan” I am much happier. Of course, if I were to mention it to other people they would side-eye/ judge because I want to do things that I didn’t speak of prior, so to some, it will be brand new.   The comments and thoughts of how others will perceive me should be a factor but when I think about MY LIFE and MY HAPPINESS, and I realize I only have ONE CHANCE at it; I choose ME.

So, I am back at the blog, I am back at “life” and I have a new direction to explore. I’m excited, nervous, but happy nevertheless to explore a path I haven’t and embrace what God has in store. So to you my virtual boos, I say let go and explore whatever desires you have. Go against the grain, try something new, and do not be persuaded by those that are afraid of the unknown.  We only have ONE CHANCE. Live it off the wall.

#MakeOver Monday                                                       


Tileah Aisha

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