The Circle You Keep

the circle you keepAs a child my mother always told me to pay attention to my surroundings when I am out public.  That means pay attention when I cross the streets, look for exit signs if I’m in big arenas, take heed to the people around me if I’m in a crowded area.  The whole point is to pay attention to what’s around me.

As a grown woman this concept of paying attention to my surroundings has a deeper meaning.  It’s more than watching those around you; it’s about who I decide to stay around.  We all heard the old cliché’ “birds of a feather flock together.” I find that to be an accurate statement.  People tend to hang around those they can relate to, people that are on their same level, people that can understand them, and people that share the same interest.  People want to be around like minded individuals and with that come a story of who you are. As the old saying goes, “show me who you hang with I’ll show you who you are.”  Who you hang around with tells a juicy story about who you are.

We all have friends from childhood that are more like relatives. Those are people we consider “ride or dies” they were there before you had what you had and they will be there afterwards.  However, those should also be people that do not bring you down. They may not be on the same level as you and that’s okay, but they also should try to bring you off your level. Who you surround yourself with influences how high you rise.

Think about it, if you only hung around people that committed crimes, more than likely you too will commit a crime, or being that you’re so closely connected to that lifestyle people will assume you’re a criminal too.  Now, is that a good reputation to have? Of course not! Change your surroundings. Ensure that your surroundings are uplifting and filled with love and positive energy and constructive competition and criticism.  In order to be the best you should affiliate yourself with the best. Step out your comfort zone and find those you admire and look up to.  We all have mentors we look up to, study who they hang around and research how you can get to their level and then beyond.

I have a few people I look up to, although I have not personally met them. But I watch how they operate and I study their stories and their journey.  Of course everyone’s journey is different but I pay close attention to those around them.  Majority of the time the people around them are doing great in their careers as well and together they are moving mountains.

So going forward in 2014, check your surroundings. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people that can help you get to the next level and can make you stronger.


Tileah Aisha


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