Take Pride In You


You ever look at another woman when out with your girls and say to yourself or the girlfriend next to you and say, “she must not have friends coming out the house like that!”

Why is that we can see when a woman comes out the house not all put together and they don’t? Or do they? Every woman should go down a checklist before leaving the house. Take pride in how you look, not for your friends, not for your boyfriend, or parents, or siblings, or co-workers… you get the idea. Take pride in your appearance for you!

The way you look says a lot about you. I’m not saying worry about what other people think, however if you want to be taken seriously as a young lady, or don’t want to be “dogged” out, your going to have to dress the part. Before getting dressed for the day, stop and think to you’re yourself, what am I looking to accomplish today and how can my ensemble reflect that?

Start from head to toe:

-Hair check- is everything in place, do certain parts show that should not be, and be honest with yourself, is it time to hit the salon?

-Top check- what does your top say, how much of your chest is showing and is it appropriate for where you plan to go today, is your shirt so tight it becomes see threw or are you constantly pulling it down from riding up?

-Pants check- do your pants fit properly, does the waist line create a muffin top, is the crotch too high or too low, for your body shape which style of pant works best for you, boot cut, skinny, straight leg, etc.?

-Shoes check- do your shoes fit or can you see your big toe pointing out the top or the bunion trying to escape, if your wearing white shoes/sneakers are they clean (nothing worse than a dirty pair of white sneakers), are they falling apart?

Just quickly run through this list before heading out for the day and I guarantee you’ll look put together and can walk down the street with your head held high in confidence saying to yourself, “I Look Damn Good!”