Stand United

We are all given the tools we need in order to reach our fitness goals or healthy lifestyles, so why can't we always achieve them? I recently read that the challenge isn't wanting it bad enough, but having the willpower that last. This is an on going struggle for me as well. I have the knowledge and the drive, but I don’t stick with the lifestyle very long.


While out for a run tonight with a friend, we came to the conclusion that it makes it easier when your not doing it alone. It’s hard to live a lifestyle, when the people you surround yourself with don’t have the same one or don’t even support the one you are trying to achieve. Try to surround yourself with people who have like lifestyles, and those friends that don’t, at least make sure they support you and yours. If they know you are serious about the way you’d like to live your life, they shouldn’t intentionally temp you with things that will make you fall off the wagon.

As women, we must stick together. Especially with our fitness journey and goals. We all struggle with the same physical issues and insecurities. Men don’t quit understand our minds when it comes to our physical. Instead of tearing each other down and pointing out each other’s flaws, lets turn it around and lift each other up and point out each other’s strengths.


Some journeys are meant to be taken alone, but this is one that can be taken in the masses!



Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee