Spice Your Way To Weight Loss

Like spicy food? Trying to lose weight? Then your already a head of the game. A few studies have shown that eating spicy food helps boost your matablism and promote fat loss.

Spicy foods such as jalapeños and cayenne pepper contain capsaicin. Capsaicin increases thermogenesis, which increase body temperature and calorie burning.

Try adding a few spices or foods that are naturally spicy to your diet. This doesn't mean eat whatever you like and just add a kick to it. You still need to eat smart, healthy, and balanced. Slowly add spice to your meals because it has been shown, and from personal experience, spices can ttend to upset the stomach a bit. So slowly introduce spicy to your diet.

Along with your new spicy diet you must still workout in order to see significant results. If your new to working out, try getting in 30 mins of cardio along with a 10-15 min stretch at least 3 times a week. When this becomes easy or you no longer notice results add on cardio time and a day or two a week.

Your body has something called muscle memory, so if workouts become to regular your body will no longer feel the need to change and push itself because it's too familiar. Try switching up your workouts and confuse your muscles a bit so they continue to work.

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Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee