*Sparkle* Movie Review

This past Friday was the opening weekend to the remake of the Movie Sparkle, starring Jordin Sparks, Tika Stumper, Carmen Ejogo, and the late Whitney Houston.  I totally fell in love with the movie.  Now, prior to the publicity of this film, I did not know about the original Sparkle. (Yes, judge me if you want lol)  But seriously, I had no idea.  So, going into to view this film was my very first time and I did not know what to expect.  Well, after the 2 plus hours the movie was over and I must say I was impressed. I truly enjoyed the movie.

Jordin Sparks is a gem on film. For this to be her first big screen movie she did a wonderful job.  What a moment in history, to have your first movie role as a co-star with Whitney Houston.  Jordin’s captivating voice was everything in the film and her innocent image made her actions very believable.   Her closing number, singing One Wing was a beautiful song and you can tell she put her heart and soul into that performance.

The storyline was very relatable to those who have over protective parents and to those who are chasing a dream that many people do not believe in.  While watching this film I could not help but become teary eyed when Whitney Houston came on the screen.  I truly do miss her; you’d think I knew her personally by the way I reacted. But that is just true love of a fan who admired her.

I now have to watch the original so I can compare and be a part of the loop like everyone else. If you haven’t had a chance to see this movie I recommend you do and let us know your review.

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Tileah Aisha