Sisterhood is one of the most sacred things a woman could have in her life. Yet, why do so few of us have it or support it? Yes, we all have our groups of friends that we may call family, sister, and so on, but what about the woman not in our circle? Why can’t they get the same care, respect, love, and support as our closest friends?  I sometimes find that we are quicker to tear each other down before we lift each other up.  How many of you have or know someone that hate on another woman because of what she has or has done or is involved with, but have no clear reason as to why you have such negative feelings toward her? We also talk about how we as women don’t get the same respect as men or how its so much harder for women, yet we don’t try and make it easier for each other by giving the support we all know we need. Stop hating on your sister and uplift her! It takes more energy to be negative than it does to be positive. Lend out a helping hand and that hand in return will help you, create a cycle and make it contagious. Imagine how powerful we could be as women if we support one another… Get out there and start the movement!