“Silly Adult, Games Are For Kids”

Games are fun when played as children, and becomes interesting when played as teens, but by the time you reach being an adult games become annoying, frustrating, tiresome, and old.  As you can probably tell, I am not talking about board games, or card games, or outdoor field games.


As children the games you played were, pulling hair to show he liked you or making fun of him to show you like him. When we become teens, the games turn into fun flirtatious teasing, or playing hard to get. Now as an adult, the games are endless! Everyone wants to gain control of the situation and have the upper hand. Make it so it feels like they are always in control.  Always making it a game of cat and mouse, just as long as they are always the mouse to be chased.


Don’t get me wrong, a little game of cat and mouse is ok, as long as the roles change once in a while so that you know there is a mutual interests in one another. But when the games go on too long, and there is no progress, and it becomes clear that the person is dragging you along because they enjoy having control, or so they think they have control, it gets tiresome and old. Who has time for games like that anymore? In the end you wind up pushing the person away, they get tired of the games and start to feel the time they are trying to put in with you is a waste.


Games are not needed to date, yes some people like the chase, but the games are not needed to achieve that. Time is needed to accomplish the proper chase; within that time you give a little, but not all so that they keep wanting more. But the key word is give.  When dating the best thing you can do is be honest with yourself and most know from jump where they plan on the relationship to go. If you make the connection, then let it flow and what comes, comes, let it happen naturally, don’t try to dictate your feelings, or their feelings, or how every action is going to play out. Then on the opposite side, if you don’t make that connection, state so. Don’t play the games to drag the person along, wasting their time and ultimately yours.


Games are for children, not adults in the dating game. Be open, be honest, be free, and leave the games at day care.


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee