Should your beau also be your best friend?

tileahHave you ever dated someone that you couldn’t bring around your friends because he didn’t fit in? Many times people date one another but if they didn’t have that “boy friend/ girl friend” title they wouldn’t be in the same circle. When you are dating someone, should that person also be your friend? I wonder about this answer, because are we actually dating someone we wouldn’t be friends with?

Cliché’ states your lover should be your best friend, but is that always the case? Furthermore if it is not the case, why isn’t it? Hopefully, the person you’re dating is someone you actually like to be around, have fun, talk about anything, and create and share many moments. But do you have the same conversations that you would also have with your friends?

For example, with your friends you may talk about your recent weight gain, would you discuss this with your beau? Or even deeper, with your friends you may talk about a past sexual experience, would you do this with your beau? The list can go on and on about which topics we talk about with our friends and which topics we talk about with our beau. But why is there a division?

Communication is key within any relationship especially one with your significant other. In order to grow a healthy relationship, we all should strive to be friends first with those we consider in our inner circle, including your beau. If your beau is someone you cannot consider a friend, try to understand why not. Of course, if you do not consider your beau to be your friend and the relationship works well that way, and then don’t fix it. But for some of you that are unsure if your beau is actually your friend, look deeper into that situation. Perhaps you can discover a new friendship with lots of perks 

XoXo #Flirty Friday

Tileah Aisha