September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that ALL women are at risk of developing ovarian cancer JUST because we are born female? Ovarian cancer is something that is difficult to detect in the early stages because it does not show signs.  As women we have to pay more attention to our bodies and our lifestyles and become aware if something seems or feels different.

According to the Ovarian Cure website (2012), what makes ovarian cancer so unspeakably dangerous is that it is hardest to detect in its early stages. Sadly, only about 19% of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed before the cancer has spread outside of the ovaries when the disease is most responsive to treatment.

To complicate matters, the ovaries are tiny organs buried deep within the abdomen, making the symptoms originating from them all the more difficult to detect and all the more likely to be confused for something far less serious. The more progressed the disease, the more pronounced the symptoms are likely to be.

The most common symptoms include:


Pelvic or abdominal pain

Trouble eating or feeling full quickly

Urinary urgency or frequency

Although these symptoms can also be indicative of benign conditions, they can suggest the presence of cancers in other organs. Symptoms that are out of the ordinary for you and that persist almost daily for 2 weeks or more should be brought to the immediate attention of your gynecologist.[1]

These symptoms may not always occur and therefore we have to take extra awareness and pay close attention to the reactions of our bodies.  Our bodies are our temples and we must cherish it.  If you or you know someone that is unsure of their status and feel as if they may be at risk, please contact your local doctor IMMEDIATELY.  Ovarian cancer is taking lives of so many women we have to make more women aware.

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Be healthy and happy


Tileah Aisha