Second Chances: Chris Brown & Rihanna

When hip hop and pop news struck that Rihanna had Chris Brown featured on her song “Birthday Cake” the media went absolutely bananas.  Headlines were everywhere, blogs were posting out of control, radio was anxiously replaying the song and even the morning news had an entertainment story. But this song was actually just the icing on the cake (pun intended).  For months now speculation has been going around about Chris and Rihanna reuniting.  It was the infamous social media of TWITTER that began the rumors and assumptions.  All it took was one tweet and the media went on a rampage to fish out more info.  So of course after this song was released and the lyrics analyzed this was the confirmation everyone was impatiently waiting for.  It became apparent that Chris and Rihanna have reunited.  This type of news makes me wonder when or if you should give people second chances?

We are all humans, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes but when are the mistakes too big for forgiveness?  When news broke about Chris Brown being featured on Rihanna’s song the media could not understand how she could go back to him after what they went through.  After all of the abuse and public humiliation how could she interact with him?  It makes me wonder do people really believe in second chances.  My answer would be yes.  I do believe people believe in second chances and I do believe people deserve second chances. You’ve all heard of the cliché learn from your mistakes, I believe this is a true statement. If we make a mistake, and we learn and grow from it, I consider it a life lesson and moving forward is the next step.  Holding someone to their past behavior or holding a grudge hinders progress.  In order to overcome past behaviors and events you have to reflect, learn, grow and move forward. Perhaps, in a relationship manner, you may not have to go back to the person.  However, forgiving the person and moving forward with your own life proves how mature you really are.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with second chances if the maturity level has grown.  People stay in situations or go back to situations for very personal reasons and as an outsider looking in we really should not pass judgment. I am pretty sure we have all taken back that cheater boyfriend or girlfriend, continued to be friends with that friend that stole from us, heck, we have been the one that needed the second chance, so who are we to judge?   A second chance reveals something deeper than trying again. It reveals that you are willing to accept the person or situation for what it is, in hopes that the past does not reveal itself in the future.  We all need, want, or have given or taken second chances, it’s a natural part of life…. Just make sure the second time is worth it.