Seasonal Change

Seasons Change

As the summer time comes to an end it’s time to begin switching to the autumn wardrobe, the sunny days are getting shorter, if you’re in school classes begin and it’s just a time to convert into a new element.  Autumn is my favorite season.  The weather is just right and the fashion is just to die for, cool with a nice breeze yet sunny skies. Leaves begin to change colors and once again nature has taken its course.  As the seasons change,  it’s a perfect time to briefly reflect on the previous season and begin your strategy for the next.  I recently became obsessed with vision boards.  It’s a visual stimulation with pictures, words, phrases, quotes, magazine cut outs, anything stimulating to the eye that reflects on your goals and motivations.  I find it very beneficial to picture yourself with your dreams accomplished and then you’re motivated to see them through. 

So as the season begin to change, reflect on your life, how it is currently and where you would like it to be and put those thoughts and feelings into action.  So embrace the change and have fun in all that you do. 

*Change is Infinite