scandal season 3 ep 2Okay….so let’s just inhale and exhale for a moment! I couldn’t contain my life this episode.  There were so many story lines going on at once and all were twisted and scandalous! I live for Scandal on Thursday nights, haha. That dam Rowan is a piece of work and Olivia has so many traits like him, that’s why they bump heads.  Whew! I can’t wait until that Sunday dinner.

Check out the best Scandalous Memorable Quotes:

“You’re evil”- Cyrus “You’re welcome”- Mellie

“Welcome to Wonderland”- Huck

“Now we’ve got a bimbo on the loose” Mellie

“You don’t know me that way” Rowan

“B613 is not the kind of enemy any word leader wants to have” Cyrus to Fitz

“Let’s talk about your future” Mellie to Jeanine

“Give Huck back to me!” Olivia

“How Presidential are my balls now, Cy” Fitz to Cyrus

“We are a family sweetie, we are never done” Rowan to Olivia


Tileah Aisha