SCANDAL: Do you applaud the Mistress?

If you haven’t tuned into the ABC prime time show starring the beautiful and talented Kerry Washington SCANDAL, you are missing out on something GREAT! This show will have you on edge the full hour it is on PLUS will have you anxious for the next week’s episode.  As I continue to indulge in this show, one of the best themes is the affair Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, is having with the President of the United States, Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant, played by actor Tony Goldwyn.  Their romance is so hot and steamy that you can feel the passion between them. Their love is hypnotizing. Their love is electric but their love is also a secret because Mr. President is a married to another woman.   As much as we all love Olivia Pope and Fitz’s relationship, Olivia is actually his mistress.  Now, in normal circumstances no one likes the mistress. She is considered the home wrecker, the whore, the slut and the derogatory names continue to go on and on. But in this circumstance we all applaud the mistress, so it makes me wonder when it is acceptable to have a “side-chick”?


I personally do not agree with having a mistress, side-chick, or anyone else outside of the one you say you’re committed too. But in society it appears that it is “okay” depending on the circumstance to have extra curriculum activities on the side.   I have heard of the “baby mama and baby daddy” excuse, whereas people are only together for the sake of the children but they each have their separate lives on the side. I have heard of the “I know he is cheating so I am going to cheat too” scenario. Plus the old school motto, “it’s cheaper to keep her” mojo.


Have we became a society that breaking up and being classified as single is too extreme? Must we always have that one to come home too but also that one to go out too?  I think the union of a committed relationship has changed and therefore we all tolerate things that we may know isn’t right but who is to say it’s wrong?


Food for thought! Do you applaud the mistress?


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Tileah Aisha