Say My Name


Call me by my name! If my name is Michelle don't call me Mary. If my name is Danielle don't call me Denise. If my name is Jamie don't call me Amy. You get the idea. If you don't call me by name I will correct you. I had a co-worker of mine do the exact thing to me. After being corrected his response was "ah close enough." Really?! Close enough?

Not sure where you are from, but where I am from and how I was raised, that is taken as disrespect in the first degree. You deserve to be called by your proper name. You deserve the respect of someone calling you by your name and when corrected they apologize and correct themselves.

Never think that it's ok to be belittled and called out your name. No one deserves to get the response, "ah close enough." You stand up for yourself and make sure it never happens again, to you or anyone else. If you see this happening to someone else and they don't stand up for themselves, I ask of you please stand up for them and tell them they deserve better. Hopefully they will believe you and pay it forward!