Elections Are HERE!!!!

With Election Day tomorrow 11/6/2012, I couldn’t be more excited and determine to get to the polls and cast my ballot.  I take genuine pride in being able to cast my vote and make a difference in the country and state that I live in.  As I hear spectators speaking ill of voting with the usual, “my vote doesn’t count”, “the government doesn’t do anything for me” yada yada; it fuels my fire because people do NOT understand how GOOD we have it here in the United States.  I understand people’s personal situations may not be the best, and do not deny that corruption lives within politics. HOWEVER, please do a FULL compare and contrast of the United States and other countries and let me know where you would rather be.

Of course everyone has their personal views and opinions, and that’s excellent. We are blessed to live in a country where we have freedom of speech and can voice our opinions; whereas in some other countries people are denied that right. So with Election Day only hours away I take PRIDE in casting my vote and hope you will too.

I am not telling you which way to vote, I am just encouraging you TO vote and let your presence be felt.

If you need guidance on where your polling site is, I found this website and there you can input your address and be directed.  Or you can go to your States website and obtain the information.  The excuse of “I didn't know where to vote” is not acceptable and I CHARGE everyone to ENCOURAGE others to vote. Car pool, walk together, take the bus, train, taxi, any way you can, just please get out and Rock the Vote!!

If you can wait in line for days for the Iphone, sneakers, video games etc... You surely can wait in line to #VOTE




Tileah Aisha