Review: Agave Restaurant West Village NYC

tileah 2This past Sunday I had the privilege to attend a NYC bloggers brunch hosted at Agave Restaurant located in the West Village of New York City. It’s a Mexican southwestern style restaurant. The ambiance was very chic and the soothing music was refreshing. There was a sidewalk outdoor area and lots of natural light shining inside the restaurant. My party was seated in the ‘downstairs’ portion of the restaurant. The natural light was not as vibrant ‘downstairs’ but it was adequate.

The service was good- quality.  Our waitress came over right away to take our drink orders and she recommended the “bottomless brunch” menu with 2 hours of unlimited mimosas.  Normally, I would have opted for that but that day ginger ale and water suited me just fine. However, the rest of my party indulged and they enjoyed themselves.

The menu was extensive, especially if you liked eggs. I found that most of the dishes included eggs, including the pre-fixed “bottomless brunch” menu; all of the options included eggs. Since I am not a fan of eggs I found my selections to be limited. I decided on the Agave’s Chicken Wrap. It was grilled chicken mixed with watercress slaw, a mango chutney sauce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with sweet potatoes fries. It wasn’t bad but I’ve had better. I think the mango sauce threw me off, too sweet.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable. I was amongst good company and the service staff was very polite and friendly.  I  recommend you to try it for yourself, and if you love eggs, I highly recommend it.

I hear they have REALLY good margaritas  and over 83 kinds of tequila, so I will be back again ;)

Agave Restaurant- 140 7th Avenue S NY NY

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