Regrouped and Transformed

A caterpillar is born and shuffles through trees, plants, and just scrambles through life to reach that point where it hibernates and forms a cocoon and begins its transformation.  While in the cocoon it is transforming and getting ready for its next stage in life.  Lately I have felt like that caterpillar, going through the motions waiting for my cocoon so that I may transform.  However, while going through the motions I haven’t taken any time out to let the transformation occur.  Going through different obstacles, trying to stay focus and on task I tend to forget to take a time out and actually live in the present. I am so busy planning for the next day, talking about what happened yesterday, that I forget to enjoy TODAY.  Well, after coming to this realization I decided to take a time out from it all. I took a break from the world and begin to reflect on where I have come, what I have been through, where it has led me, and where it is leading me.  Taking this time out was so refreshing and uplifting that I gained a burst of energy and I am now ready to continue on. 

Every day we are changing, and it is best when we can acknowledge our own change and actually understand what is occurring and had occurred.  Appreciating the little steps will give better gratitude to the giant steps to come.  During my time out, I was able to restructure my goals, create new ones and just relax and be in the mist of my own presents, and it was AMAZING. 

The end of the year is approaching, this is a perfect time to take a timeout and regroup and do what you want to do. Make sure you are still on the path that you have set for yourself, or perhaps it is time to take an alternate route.  Take a break, enjoy some “self “time and remember that beautiful butterfly that we see fluttering around didn’t happen overnight but the end results are always worth it.

“If one is lucky, solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities” –Dr. Maya Angelou