Today is Memorial Day. A time when we all nationally reconize, reflect, and remember all of the brave soliders that we lost while they  fought  so hard to keep us safe on the mainland.  This is a time when you admire their courageous attitudes and acts that they carried out daily just so you and I can wake up and go about our day freely.

This day may be sad for those that may have lost a loved one however, it is a time where we can just think back and thank that person for without their due diligence who knows what state our nation could be in.  I have a great deal of  respect and honor for all of our armed forces. Coming from a family where many family members served,I have the utmost respect.

So take this time out to truly be grateful and humbled for our men and our women in the armed forces.  Our home of the brave!

Happy Memorial Day!!


Tileah Aisha