Red Light Green Light 1, 2, 3…

Have you ever lost something that you just had? Especially money, have you ever lost money by dropping it or misplacing it? Once you’ve realize, you search all around trying to retrace your steps for hours just to come to the realization that it’s gone. What about your mind? Have you ever just lost your mind for a moment?  Well, I have and I must say it is NOT a great feeling.  I am sure this has happen to others and not just me.  However, the lesson that I have learned from these devastating moments of losing something is to SLOW DOWN!!!! Most of the time we are so busy rushing through the day, rushing through life, we have become careless and we do not enjoy the fruits of our labor.  I understand sometimes 24hours in a day may not be enough to accomplish all that you need, but it’s all we have and we must learn to ENJOY it.  It may be 24hours in a day, but we do not know how many of those days we actually have, so we must embrace the days that we do have as if it could be our last. Rushing through life you tend to skip or overlook the details.  Details are very important in many different situations and professions for various reasons. Embracing those details involves a greater capability of identifying and connecting that would lead you to have a deeper understanding and appreciating for whatever you are analyzing. 

Life is only as complicated as you THINK it to be.


*~Hukuna Matata~*