Putting on a Brave Face: Hiding Behind the Makeup

fabulousHave you ever hid behind your makeup? Have you ever been crying but had to put on concealer to cover up the puffy eyes?  Practically every morning, you wake up, shower, get dressed, put on your makeup and begin your day.  No matter how you’re feeling the routine must continue. But what would happen if your daily makeup expressed your true feelings? What if we had to display all of our feelings? How would you deal? I thought about the concept of makeup and how we use it to cover up and enhance certain features on our face.  But what about our inner features? How do we cover up and/or enhance those inner feelings?

Let’s take the concealer. If applied correctly, concealer is used to brighten up the face, hide blemishes, and lighten dark circles under your eyes. Now, let’s apply this to our inner features. We put on a smile to show others we are “okay”, we hide our pain by trying to forget the past without first speaking about it, and then we make a joke out of a serious situation, attempting to laugh it off. Just like makeup, we try to cover it up.  It may appear great by someone glancing at you, but if someone were to get to know you, they would see underneath all of the cosmetics there is a person that needs to be made up. So, how do you stop hiding behind the makeup?

First, find out what is holding you down. Make a checklist of all of the things holding you back. After you view your list, carefully think about possible remedies. For example, if there is a finance burden, perhaps you can work on your budget and try to resolve some of your debt.  If there is a relationship problem, think of ways that you can solve or resolve that issue.  Second, realize you are worth it! You were born to be happy. You were born to be independent. You were born to be fabulous. Believe in yourself and you will soon find others believing it too.

So ladies, please don’t hide behind your makeup! The same way you use make up to enhance your features, enhance your mind and soul so that beaming sunshine from within can shine through on your beautiful face. Be encouraged, be brave, and be happy!



Tileah Aisha