Push, Rise, Succeed!

We are now 2 weeks into the New Year, how many of you have held on to your New Years Resolution or how many of you have already fell off? So many people make resolutions knowing from the beginning it’s not something they can maintain and keep up throughout the year. While on Instagram, I came across this image with a message, “Only 8% of people succeed with their New Years Resolution. Don’t be like the other 92%.” I don’t know about you, but that somewhat lit a fire under me. I didn’t make a resolution this year, because of that reason, most people don’t keep them. However, I didn’t vow to myself to continue to improve my life and that quote definitely helps me keep moving forward. I mean who wants to fail?



I want to make this a year of self-improvement. I am constantly reading little quotes to help push me forward or remind me of what is important in life.  Vision boards are great to help keep you on track and motivate you to stay on track to accomplish your dreams and goals for that year. And every year create a new board adding and subtracting goals based off of what you have accomplished and have yet to accomplish.






Regardless of what your New Years Resolution is, think of it as a challenge to yourself to not be like everyone else, the 92% that fail every year. Rise above, push yourself, and be the 8% that succeed, and know that in the end you have only created a better you and can only get better.











Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee