Potential in Your Reality

A while back I was listening to “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” and Boris Kodjoe was a guest host replacing Steve for the week. During a “Strawberry Letter” discussion, Boris said, “Women fall in love with the potential of a man, not who he is.” That statement really stuck with me. How many of us women meet a man, begin to date, and start thinking about the future or if he can just change this or do that, or start expecting things of this man he has never said he’d do or even has done in the past? We like a guy and all of sudden we start creating a fantasy world not even looking at reality.  We get so caught up in what we want the relationship to be and the potential we see in “our” guy and don’t look at the signs right in front of our faces telling us he’s not the right one. He tells you what you want to hear and it sounds amazing, everything you wanted a man to tell you, but then never follows through. Yet you give him chance after chance to do what he has promised and nothing happens. At what point do you stop and realize your reality does not match the picture perfect image you have of your man in your head.

Now, there are always exceptions to the rule.  He might be the man he says he is and be able to promise you things and follow through, but circumstance don’t allow them to all the time.  Be aware of the type of promises and the man he claims to be and see how well that matches up with the man you see before you.  I know its hard to sometimes see the reality in something you want and hope for, but you have to step back and be honest with yourself in order to be truly happy.