Pilar Sanders Did What!??!??

As I was getting my daily fix of celebrity news and gossip, I came across Pilar Sanders (soon to be ex-wife of former infamous NFL player Deion Sanders) mug shot. Now what in the world is going on?!?! As I continued my research it appears she was arrested and taking into custody for domestic abuse charges. It is reported that she allegedly ATTACKED Deion at his home O_o. Of course she is denying these allegations and I guess we will have to find out the truth in court. However, this brings me to the topic of, “when to say enough”.


The term living wouldn’t exist if we didn’t go through situations and tribulations that impaired our judgments. We are human, we have emotions and many times we act solely on emotion rather than extensive comprehension. When we act solely on emotions, we sometimes forget to think rationally and it’s our irrational behavior that overcomes and the outcome can never be predicted. Acting on emotions can sometime impair a good judgment and make someone do or say things he or she may not necessarily say or mean, but it happens. The question is when is it enough? When we go through issues we always react with our emotions, especially if the situation is personal. We rarely want to stop and think before we react because we are  caught up in the moment that we forget about anything else. I am sure we have all had moments were we were just irrational and dealt with a situation in a negative manner. We are human, it happens. BUT we must remember for every action there is a reaction and that counteraction can end up costing us something bigger. Thinking before we react can sometimes seem pointless or time consuming but at least you have a chance to decide if you want to take the chance.


Now I do not know the entire story with Pilar and Deion, but what is known is that they have children involved with their divorce. And all of their actions and reactions are being watched not only by us but most importantly their children. We all must learn when to say Enough is Enough before it's too late.

Pilar, hunnie mugshot in all, lip gloss is poppin!







Tileah Aisha