Pay If Forward

It’s been a week since the super storm Sandy has devastated the east coast, and I am just returning to the wonderful world of power and electricity.  However, having gone 7 days with no lights, heat, and cable was nothing compare so others in New Jersey and Long Island, NY. I’m not going to lie, it was a struggle these past 7 days, not so much the power and cable, but more so the heat. Yet again, its nothing compare to what people have lost. Up and down the northeast, people have lost their homes, cars, businesses, and some, even family members. We never thought something so devastating could happen to our area.

With all I have experienced the past week, and when able to get to a TV, see what’s been going on outside of my town, really makes me feel like I am blessed to have what I have and to have only lost power and heat. It also had me doing some thinking and reflecting.  I grew up on volunteer work and community service and as I got older I began participating less and less. I feel that I need to pay my blessing forward and begin to give back the way I was taught and raised. I don’t just mean Sandy victims but in general.

There’s nothing like paying your blessings forward, and seeing the smile on someone’s face or knowing for just that moment you have changed someone’s life or made their life’s struggle just a little easier.  It’s not hard to give 1 day a month to volunteer your time. I would like to make a pledge to myself to volunteer at least 1 day a month and I challenge you to do the same.

You’ll be surprised on how good it will make you feel! Pay it forward!



Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee